God Chat with God and Tony

It’s the podcast where we aim to blend humor with philosophy or humosophy as many people are calling it, I chat to the creator of the universe, God, in this poorly curated nonsense that you will probably not enjoy.

Join us as we meander through biblical inconsistencies and the horrors of the old testament, God answers your questions in the AGA (Ask God Anything), God shows us his cooking skills in God Broth & takes us on magical journeys into the noses of the rich and famous in God nose who, we also get a glimpse into Gods arrangements when he finally passes on in this is Gods will.

Bored yet? I know I am.

Regards Tony

Episodes Date

# 11 We all love god, even you do, I love god, god loves me, he is also love and joy, he is my shepherd and a complete asshole to boot.   This is the worst episodes I ever made..... sorry   Tony &...
November 9, 2021
You know the drill, 20 minutes or so of utter bollox,    I love you all regardless of your faults.   Tony & spindle fuck
October 19, 2021
Just in case you were considering joining the lovely warm soft God Chat Patreon family to get extra episodes, I thought I would upload a teaser of part of God's Fifth Miracle, these extra episodes con...
October 10, 2021
Lets face it, episode # 9 was way too long, and a bit rubbish, as it passed the 30 minute mark I couldn't face adding any more to it, its just not fair on you, or anyone, so I decided to put out epis...
October 4, 2021
This is a real milestone for the podcast, episode # 9 is finally here, and its pretty bloody awful by all accounts,    In a recent review Podcast weekly called "God Chat" a tired rotten dry disaster o...
September 29, 2021
iufhgih df  ofg opfg pjo fp f zd njbnobpb n n f poufd poj  zfguhf uh vfhjuv  oupzvfouz ouv pozsfopuvfsoupuohpvcpuhvuh Regards Tony and god
September 12, 2021
Well here we go again you lot! another shambolic attempt at humosophy. In the episode we explore another nasal cavity And discover how many balls god has. We have merch, but please don't waste your ca...
August 23, 2021
# 6 Peeping, God peeps, he is a pervert!    Thanks to Liam Cairns for content ideas.   We have Merch!!    www.godchatmerch.com   God Broth Tee Shirt Does that make sense? Tee Shirt God br...
August 7, 2021
Format for # 5 God Broth God Botherers Biscuit Bishop Gods Pocket Ask God Anything Song for Joseph Stafford Tier 3 Patron!  Thanks to Liam Cairns & Nico Gonzalez content contributions (God Bothere...
July 23, 2021
Its a mess to be fair, Hoff Broth, Barbra Streisand's nose, God in an F1 car, and Heaven gets betrothed to Joel Osteen in God's Will, the official sponsor is Spooons, don't bother! https://www.patreon...
July 11, 2021

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