God Chat with God and Tony

It’s the podcast where we aim to blend humor with philosophy or humosophy as many people are calling it, I chat to the creator of the universe, God, in this poorly curated nonsense that you will probably not enjoy.

Join us as we meander through biblical inconsistencies and the horrors of the old testament, God answers your questions in the AGA (Ask God Anything), God shows us his cooking skills in God Broth & takes us on magical journeys into the noses of the rich and famous in God nose who, we also get a glimpse into Gods arrangements when he finally passes on in this is Gods will.

Bored yet? I know I am.

Regards Tony

Episodes Date

Its a big one, yeah, we tackle Noah, a 600-year-old shipwright with valid seaman, Lots of love Tony If you were a patron, you would have heard this two days ago, that's not a good thing!  Regards Tony...
November 17, 2022
OK, strap in Oysters Pork Prawns Vomit Shampoo Pegs Bullshit Bible Thanks then.
October 17, 2022
There is no God
September 20, 2022
It's a bloody awful podcast, do not waste your bandwidth, just and have a nice cup of tea instead of listening, it's the usual 20 minutes of drivel, thanks then. Tony
September 5, 2022
This is episode # 22 of God Chat with God and Tony,  In this episode - Stones Virgins Milk Condo Bagpipes Clown sick Flakey skin, Thanks to Liam Cairns and his delightful Fiancé for their input!!  Tha...
July 30, 2022
Imagine a world where god is accountable for all of the bullshit he has thrust onto humanity! then wake up, THIS IS GOD CHAT WITH GOD & TONY - God is a bollock brained invisible fuckwit who float...
July 9, 2022
Woman, woman, woman, in this episode we explore women, no, not like that you pervert, more of an exploration, a Gods/bible eye view if you will of the aforementioned woman.   Also we feature a new seg...
June 14, 2022
The age old problem of Weevil debate rears its ugly head in this episode, we also ask Anne Angel a question which Anne Angel answers in MBTTAA. Apologies,  its not overly good to be fair, its poor at ...
May 16, 2022
So, what's in this one?  Pubes, Milk, Anne Angel, complaints, Alphabets, no Broth, pork, it's the usual blend of nonsense and bullshit,  Let us know if you have a question for Anne Angel in MBTTAA. An...
April 21, 2022
I'm not sure about you, but the whole God/Jesus/crucifixion thing confuses the B Jesus out of me, luckily in this bonus episode we clear all that bollox up, or not, probably.   Thanks to my beautif...
April 15, 2022

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